'The Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities'

We are pleased to share the ‘Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities’. This quick assessment tool will help you make your facility more welcoming for all. There are four short chapters, Marketing and Communications, Physical Environment, Policies and Practices and Welcoming Staff. This team focused assessment allows each team-member to take a chapter, answer the questions and then have the group convene to share their results. It’s fun and there is no scoring. Most of your improvements will be cost free and will be instrumental in making your facility more welcoming. You can download the ‘Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities’ on or where you will also find a short video clip on the IGGF’s use. If you have implemented the guidelines at your facility and want to be featured in PGA Magazine, or if you have any questions, please contact Follow this QR Code to download the guide and view the video.