Information on Non-PGA Show Related Solicitation

From time to time, PGA Show exhibitors, attendees and/or media may be contacted by third parties purporting to sell data on the attendees of the PGA Show, and/or hotel and travel booking services which may make it seem as if they are the official hotel or travel provider for the event. We know how frustrating this can be and wanted to share important information and a few tips to combat these scenarios.


1.      Any offers to buy attendee lists that you receive from third parties are FRAUDULENT and are in no way connected with the PGA Show or RX. Any such emails should be treated as spam.

2.       Connections Housing is the Official Housing Partner of the PGA Show. Solicitations from other companies are NOT authorized and are in no way connected with the PGA Show or RX. 


We’re here for you. If you are ever in doubt about the authenticity of a potentially fraudulent offer or hotel solicitation related to the PGA Show, please contact your sales representative. For more information related to hotel booking for the 2023 PGA Show, please refer to the official travel page here.

You can also report fraudulent offers related to list sales to the Federal Trade Commission here: On that page, click “Something Else” then fill in the form with the details of the fraudulent email. Every report helps to stop these activities and keep your inbox free of clutter.