New Exhibitors You Can’t Miss

Every year, the latest and greatest in golf technology, apparel, and accessories debuts at the PGA Show. These are some of the exciting new exhibitors who made their debut this year.


Korechi Innovations

The robotic Pik’r from Korechi Innovations is a high-tech ball collector that is bringing autonomous robotics to driving ranges. The Pik’r is set to help clubs, courses and ranges reduce operating costs and alleviate labor and staffing demands.


Clean Flight Golf

Nothing beats the feeling of a freshly cleaned golf ball, at least according to the team at Clean Flight Golf. That’s why the Canadian company developed the portable Clean Flight Personal Ball Washer. Now, golfers can bring that just-washed feeling with them anywhere on the course.


Xonic Golf Inc.

The iTQ from Xonic is a whole new type of caddie. The quick-tip caddie app is powered by next-generation AI software to offer users instantaneous, customized PGA-professional level feedback, suggestions and tips. And just like any good caddie, the more a golfer plays with iTQ, the better the app will get with tailoring its advice.



TourPutt is a comprehensive putting improvement solution from the virtual reality wizards at VRotein. Providing a staggering amount of insights into player habits and swing patterns — as well as a healthy dose of math and science — the TourPutt is one of the most impressive putting systems in recent memory.


Zen Green Stage

The Zen Green Stage and newly unveiled Zen Swing Stage represent a giant leap forward in the moving floor space. Envisioned as a part of the ultimate indoor golf putting studio, these adjustable hitting surfaces — accurate to within 0.1% of double break and compound break gradients — allow golfers to experience true-to-life conditions for more effective coaching and improvement. Even more impressive, Zen’s moving hitting surfaces can actually help instructors get more accurate and actionable data points from the training tools they already use.