Get a sneak peek and inside look at what may be the next big product or service at the Inventors Spotlight in Booth #3613.

Organized in partnership with the United Inventors Association (UIA), the “Inventors Spotlight Award” is presented to three golf inventions not yet available at retail. These awards recognize the hard work and dedication given to the process of innovation and also give inventors the opportunity to gauge interest from the golf community.

Congratulations to the 2022 Inventors Spotlight Award Winners!


Kelken Enterprises
Incinerator Booth 3619


Stance Caddy LLC
Booth 3716


Booth 3615

“Being a part of the PGA Show and Inventor’s Spotlight area was a great way for us to launch the Impact Improver. Winning the Pinnacle Award was a tremendous boost that has helped us all year. The PGA Show Inventor’s Spotlight provided us a forum where we could interact with customers, professionals, and other inventors. The contacts and information we collected as a result of the PGA provided a good foundation for us to grow. Thank you – PGA and UIA!” Tiffany Faucette, LPGA Top 50 Teacher, Owner/Inventor, Impact Improver


Congratulations to the 2020 Inventors Spotlight Award Winners:

Most Innovative Concept


Revolutionary golf caps with a protective layer for maximum protection

Best Marketing Effort

Kymira Golf

Long-lasting INFRARED technology to bring out the best in your game

The Pinnacle Award (Best in Show)

Logan Golf Ltd.

The future of golf bags