The PGA Forum Stage, presented by OMEGA, offers a collection of varied industry presentations for thousands of PGA Professionals and golf industry leaders from around the world. Located adjacent to the Equipment Test Center (ETC) on the PGA Show Floor.

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Wednesday, January 22

Experience of the Inaugural U.S. Women’s PGA Cup Team
Panel: PGA President & Captain Suzy Whaley, PGA, and team members: Joanna Coe, PGA; Ashley Grier, PGA; Seul-Ki Park, PGA

Moderator: Charlie Rymer, PGA

Adaptive Golf
Speakers: Judy Alvarez, PGA; EQ Sylvester; Laura Miller; Chris Nowak

Moderator: Ann Liguori

Attack Life Radio with Greg Norman & Brian Katrek
Radio Hosts: Greg Norman & Brian Katrek
Guests: Seth Waugh; Joey Diovisalvi; Ron Jaworski

Teaching & Coaching Town Hall

Panel: Michael Breed, PGA; Debbie Doniger; Larry Rinker, PGA; Jim McLean, PGA; David Armitage, PGA

The Future of Sport and Coaching

Speakers: Chris Snyder; Craig Morris; Dr. Steve NorrisModerated by Charlie Rymer, PGA

PGA of America Radio Show

Panel: Rob Smith; Keith Stewart, PGA; Will Robins, PGA

Moderator: David Marr III

Sustaining an Inclusive Workforce

Panel: PGA WORKS Fellows
Moderator: Rachel Melendez-Mabee

US Kids Top 50 Awards Ceremony & Reception

Moderator: Brian Crowell PGA

Thursday, January 23

Golf Travel Forum, presented by PGA Magazine, The Value of Group Golf Travel 

Panel: Casey Brozek, PGA; David Dorn, PGA; Cathy Matthews-Kane, PGA; Rich

Tock, PGA
Moderator: Ryan Gingrow, PGA

Callaway & PGA Career Services - Succeeding as a PGA Professional

Panel: Patrick White, PGA; Kyle Cramer, PGA; Dr. Alison Curdt, PGA; Nick Muller, PGA; Todd Smith, PGA
Moderator: Scott Kmiec

State of the Industry CEO Panel - Challenges and Solutions for 2020 and Beyond 

Panel: Mike Davis; Rhett Evans; Jay Karen

Moderator: Seth Waugh

Junior Golf Town Hall

Panel: PGA President Suzy Whaley, PGA; Mike Suhre, PGA; Jason Witczak, PGA
Moderator: Carl Paulson

NFL Players Share their Entrepreneurship Success after Playing at the Highest Level of the Game

Panel: Ron Jaworski; Thurman Thomas; Bart Oates; Beasley Reece
Moderator: Brian Crowell, PGA

PGA Professional Town Hall

Panel: Bob Ford, PGA; Jack Druga, PGA; Keith Maxwell, PGA; Jeff Warne, PGA; Caroline Basarab, PGA
Moderator: Brad Faxon, PGA

Coaching and Recruiting from the Eyes of a College Golf Coach

Speakers: Todd Oehrlein; Emily Bastel Glaser; Greg Sands; Bob Simms; Jamie Howell, PGA

Moderator: Charlie Rymer, PGA

A 2020 Vision for the Future of Caddying

Speakers: Scott Nye, PGA; Andrew Shuck, PGA; Bob Ford, PGA; Glenn Smith; Ben Engle

Moderator: Charlie Rymer, PGA

Friday, January 24

Coaching in the NFL-Keys to Motivating Athletes at All Levels

Speakers: Jim Caldwell; Tracy Porter
Moderator: Brian Crowell, PGA

College Coaches Town Hall

Panel: Conrad Ray; Trey Jones; Frank Darby, PGA
Moderator: Carl Paulson

Women’s Golf Town Hall

Panel: Debbie Doniger; Patti Thomas; Mike D’Agostino, PGA
Moderator: Carl Paulson