Editorial media credentials will be issued only to personnel on assignment from established and accredited media outlets as determined by PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions (PWGE) in its sole discretion. Individuals representing multiple interests must be bound by all applicable media regulations. PWGE, in partnership with The PGA of America, retains exclusive media rights to all PWGE events. PWGE media credentials provide access to PGA Show events during official event hours only. PWGE reserves the right to bar editorial media privileges from this and future events to any editorial media badge holder who misrepresents his/her eligibility in obtaining the media badge or violates the outlined coverage regulations.

Coverage is welcomed and permitted under the following terms and conditions which may not be modified without prior written consent of PWGE.

Media Coverage Regulations

  1. Each editorial media badge is issued individually and shall be only for the media outlet set forth in this application. Badges are non-transferable and may not be sold or distributed to any other entity or party.
  2. The media badge holder has rights only with respect to the requesting media outlet and has no rights with respect to any other media outlet without obtaining the proper and valid credentials for such media outlet.
  3. Reports shall inform audience that the event is open to golf industry professionals only, not consumers.
  4. Reports shall be used solely in connection with regularly scheduled content of the requesting media outlet.
  5. Reports shall not purport to be exclusive or official coverage; not sponsored or endorsed by a third party. No report or media (e.g., video, audio, still images) may be used indirectly or directly for advertising or commercial purposes; nor sold, licensed or transferred to third parties for such purposes.
  6. Live reports must be approved in advance by the PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions media staff.
  7. Reports cannot include any proprietary material, in whole or in part, owned by The PGA of America or PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions (with the exception of event identification) inclusive of, but not limited to, The PGA of America logo trademark, all PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions events logo trademarks, the names of PGA Golf Shows events (PGA Merchandise Show, PGA Fashion & Demo Experience), the PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions Exhibitor Directory, PGA Show News, proprietary audio/video transmissions, photographs or any other copyright or trademark owned by The PGA of America or PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions without the prior written authorization of The PGA of America or PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions.
  8. Editorial media badges allow access to the Show floor with permission to carry and use recording (still image, video, audio) equipment. It is the badge holder’s responsibility to obtain all necessary permission and releases.
  9. All recordings by editorial media – still images, video, audio – may be used for editorial purposes only of the media outlet assigned the credentials and shall not be sold to outside agencies/other parties.
  10. Specific to PGA Merchandise Show/Orlando: Media planning to bring and utilize any wireless microphones, IFB’s or intercom equipment to the event must register with the PGA Show radio frequency coordinator at in advance or with the RF coordinator onsite.
  11. No photographer or camera crew may shoot an exhibitor’s booth without the consent of that exhibitor. All exhibitors retain the right to refuse photography of their booths.
  12. Media may not impede the priority business-to-business nature of the event in any way. Media may not block the flow of foot traffic in or around the exhibits/venue. Media may not interfere with PGA Professionals/retailers conducting business in booths or on the range; may not ask for free product; may not engage in any disruptive activity. Additionally, editorial media may not market their services, advertising or subscriptions to exhibitors or other show attendees.
  13. Only personnel with editorial media credentials will be permitted into the media working/filing area of the event Media Center.
  14. Social media coverage is encouraged and posts should use #PGAShow. Social media contributors are encouraged to tag @PGAShow on Twitter & Facebook; and @PGAGolfShows on Instagram.
  15. No on-site signage shall be permitted for any media, except those exhibiting or approved media utilizing event general media production space (signage permitted only during the approved scheduled programming).

Any modifications to these regulations by any party other than PWGE shall be null and void and may result in denial of credentials. Any violation of the PWGE Coverage Regulations will result in forfeiture of the credential and all of its privileges.